Mail server migration

Hi… the migration has begun.

0845 London – Currently moving users one by one. You will lose access to email as I change password to a default one.

10:20 London – Users migrated. There were errors but 98% of objects moved.

11:02 London – You will need to delete active sync accounts on your devices, then readd them. Webmail is available at

Contact me via Facetime/iMessages as we are off to base for a bit.


Added Geolocation

Added the ability to upload geolocation information to a post. There will be a link at the end of the post telling where the post was sent from. If your mouse hovers on the link, you will be shown a map. I set the default zoom level to city.

If you added the post via the web interface, you can manually type in the location. You can also turn it off for that post.

Hope you like it.