Mustangs win again

Michael competed in the county meet today. The boys team won first and the girls placed third. Michael once again did very well and placed first for hurdles, his team placed first for shuttles and first in 4×4. He completed the lap in under minute. Way to go! Last meet is next Friday which is a regional match. I hope the weather will be warmer because we all froze this evening.

Mr. Speedy runs again

Michael had another track meet on Tuesday and the boys team won and Michael placed first in shuttles and second in both the 75 high and 200 low hurdles. This afternoon he had another meet closer to home. This one was all team events. Michael’s shuttle team won and Michael ran the 4×4 for the first time and his team won that too. The 4×4 is a team of four that run a lap (1/4 mile) each. Michael’s coach said that he broke a school record and might move him over to the 4×4 for the next meet. He was very fast. He is able to run the mile in 5 min 45 sec. Holy cow!