Pumpkin Festival

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the gardens surrounding Ludwigsburg palace. We ate pumpkin seeds and fresh apples. They also had pumpkin inspired foods and drinks. It was very interesting to see the pumpkin carvings and sculptures made out of pumpkins. It’s very nice to be able to visit such a beautiful place several times a year for the different seasons.

Weekend in Zürich

Mark, Max and I spent a a beautiful weekend in Zürich, Switzerland. We spent a good bit of time in the National Museum Zurich. Not only was the outside picturesque, it was also interactive and educational. If we weren’t starving we would have spent more time there. We took a boat ride on the lake and enjoyed the views of the Alps. We also spent time at the Zoo before leaving. We had heard that it is expensive and it was!! Dinner was over $100 for three people, it was good but expensive. And water wasn’t free.