Valentine’s Day Family Day

We got to spend the day up at Wintergreen Resort. We took lessons for the beginners that we are. Max took ski lessons. The rest of us took snow boards. Mark took a bad fall before the lesson and another one half way through. That ended his snow board quest for the day. Heather did ok. She had to chase after Max before the lesson because he took off down the hill without any of us. Heather took a very hard hit right at the end that even left a visible bruise. Kaitlyn did fine but her muscles were sore. Linda did well and suffered no soreness.

Setting aside the bruises and sore muscles, it was a great family day.



Golden Hinde II

max, Heather and I spent a night on board a replica of Sir France’s Drake’s ship. The ship circumnavigated the world the times. It now is berthed in London. This was a Cub Scout event and was fun. The actors taught what it was like sailing during the Tudor times. Max was a gunner. We slept on the gun deck. Very tight quarters. The only place to stand up was on deck. The inside decks you had to duck or squat as you walked.