Madingley American Cemetery

Mark, Michael, and I joined Kaitlyn and the Girl Scouts to clean the gravestones at the cemetery. It was a very moving experience. Nearly 4000 are buried there with over 5000 listed on the wall for those that were killed but not able to be buried. “Only God knows where they rest.” When someone comes to visit a specific marker, the staff put sand from Normandy beach in the letters, this makes the names highlight gold and stand out for the photographs.






Harry Potter!

Kate flew in to visit for us to go see HP7 Part 1. We did a whirlwind tour of London on Friday. Saw Trafalgar Square, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, lots of underground stations, Buchingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and drank darn good hazelnut hot coco. Grocery shopped at Tesco Extra. The cart’s (trolley for the locals) wheels all pivot making steering the cart challenging. Finished the day with dinner at Greystone Pub in Sawtry. Managed to keep her awake long enough to actually eat dinner.

Toured Cambridge on Saturday. Could not convince Kate to get some sushi. Bought a Christmas tree that evening.

Sunday, finally got to see HP at the 16:30 showing. Wanted to see the 14:30 showing but amazingly it was sold out. Kate wanted to just choke me! Can’t blame her for that.

Sadly, she was off to the airport Monday morning at 05:00.

Now just two weeks to go till Heather and the kids arrive for Christmas.