Eagle Project finished

Michael had his final work day today. Installation of the shelves and walkways of Ivan’s House went fairly well with the exception of some wood screws that were below par and kept stripping. This made it very hard to set the screws deep enough to allow the floating shelves to slide over. We ended up running to the store to get shelf brackets and better screws. The other shelfs and walkways went up with little trouble. The outside area was the easiest and the area we planned the least, go figure. The cats loved the additions to the outside, the cats in Ivan’s House were taken out for their safety so we have no pictures yet of them using the shelves and walkways, the farm manager will send some later. Now all that needs to be done is for Michael to write up his changes and print out photos and he will be done with the project. He still needs to work on his required merit badges, and wait till at least July 21 before he can submit his Eagle package and go before the review committee. He is nearly there.