Golden Hinde II

max, Heather and I spent a night on board a replica of Sir France’s Drake’s ship. The ship circumnavigated the world the times. It now is berthed in London. This was a Cub Scout event and was fun. The actors taught what it was like sailing during the Tudor times. Max was a gunner. We slept on the gun deck. Very tight quarters. The only place to stand up was on deck. The inside decks you had to duck or squat as you walked.



Well summer is most certainly here. It is 100 degrees here today and is suppose to be even hotter tomorrow. It looks like next week will be a bit cooler only in the upper 80’s which I’m sure Michael will appreciate. Michael is heading to the Boy Scout National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill, VA. The National Jamboree only happens every 4 years. He will be gone for 10 days. I know he will have an awesome time. Kaitlyn finished a week of gymnastic camp and will attend Drama camp the following week. We are all hoping that papa is able to come to the states for training and in doing so will be able to spend a week with us.