First month in England

Been here now for one month. Wow that month flew by. If only deployments to the desert went this fast.

Things accomplished:

  • Got my UK bank account sorted out
  • Bought a beater car that will hopefully last till next year when the Rover gets over.
    • Bought 4 new tires. Old tires passed inspection but were dry rot heavy.
    • Bought new remote. Without the remote there is no way to start the car. What a scam!
    • Waiting for the title, called V5 form
  • Took the train to London twice
  • Found a house to rent
    • 5 beds, 6.5 baths
    • Gated entrance
    • Detached 4 car garage (I get to use 2)
    • Farms all around
    • 10 – 15 minute drive to work
  • Base provided temporary furniture for 90 days
  • Phone and DSL working!

Things unexpected:

  • No AC in houses
  • No AC in cars
  • No screens covering window openings
  • Oil stove / oven that is never turned off
  • BBC iplayer kicks butt. Get to Watch Doctor Who at my leisure