Snow fun!

We had our first significant snow fall of the season yesterday. I measured 8 inches on the bench last night and it was still coming down. Didn’t get a chance to measure this morning. The news estimates were about 13 inches. Max had a great time in the snow and especially when he went up to the playground to play on the truck and slide down the slide. With the snow he was able to keep sliding for several more feet.


Here is Max sleeping in the cushions of the couch. He loves to play and watch TV here and a few times has fallen asleep. He loves tractors and when he saw this at the store he had to have it and since grandpa and grammy had given him money for his birthday, he got just what he wanted. He also picked out a Thomas the Train t-shirt. He even took his tractor to bed with him and fell asleep playing with it.


These are the beautiful flowers my husband sent me. The calla lilies and pink roses were for our anniversary, 18 years! The smiley face was just to bring a smile! It brought smiles to the whole house. Max thought it was a cake! What a sweet and wonderful husband I have!