Well I finally finished my first rotation of clinicals. HURRAY!! I still need to do a paper and some paperwork but thankfully my hours are done. I don’t have a second site as yet, but was told the next site will open in August not sure if that’s my site or not. Two more clinical sites and I will be finished with the associate part of my degree. Not sure if I’ll continue on for the bachelors yet, we’ll see how things go. But HURRAY I’m closer!

First month in England

Been here now for one month. Wow that month flew by. If only deployments to the desert went this fast.

Things accomplished:

  • Got my UK bank account sorted out
  • Bought a beater car that will hopefully last till next year when the Rover gets over.
    • Bought 4 new tires. Old tires passed inspection but were dry rot heavy.
    • Bought new remote. Without the remote there is no way to start the car. What a scam!
    • Waiting for the title, called V5 form
  • Took the train to London twice
  • Found a house to rent
    • 5 beds, 6.5 baths
    • Gated entrance
    • Detached 4 car garage (I get to use 2)
    • Farms all around
    • 10 – 15 minute drive to work
  • Base provided temporary furniture for 90 days
  • Phone and DSL working!

Things unexpected:

  • No AC in houses
  • No AC in cars
  • No screens covering window openings
  • Oil stove / oven that is never turned off
  • BBC iplayer kicks butt. Get to Watch Doctor Who at my leisure