Weekend in Zürich

Mark, Max and I spent a a beautiful weekend in Zürich, Switzerland. We spent a good bit of time in the National Museum Zurich. Not only was the outside picturesque, it was also interactive and educational. If we weren’t starving we would have spent more time there. We took a boat ride on the lake and enjoyed the views of the Alps. We also spent time at the Zoo before leaving. We had heard that it is expensive and it was!! Dinner was over $100 for three people, it was good but expensive. And water wasn’t free.

Weekend on the French Riviera

We spent a short but lovely weekend in Cannes and Nice, France. We flew down to visit a boat show to see a solar powered catamaran that we are interested in. We even got to take a short cruise on it.  Max was very excited and did not want to return to the dock.  He says that he is willing to give up his Christmas presents for the boat fund but not his sushi. I guess you can’t fault the kid he does have to eat.  There was several luxury yachts there that we could only begin to imagine the millions and millions of dollars they cost.

On Sunday we explored Old Town Nice. Loved the charm of the small alley ways and little shops. One gelato stand must of had 75+ flavors. The views of surrounding Nice were breathtaking. Mountains in the distance and blue water in the sea. We didn’t hike all the way up Castle Hill as Max wanted to get in the water.  Little did we know that the beach is rocky and quite steep. A quick google search will explain if interested. The water was a bit cooler than I imagined it would be especially after such a hot summer but it was refreshing.

Needless to say we want to return.  Maybe for Spring break. Maybe not to swim but to explore a bit more.  #ILoveNice