Christmas in Copenhagen

We spent a wonderful Christmas in Copenhagen with the kids and their significant other.  Even though it saddens us that our kids are growing up, it brings great joy to see them with a special person that brings them happiness and joy.  We are thankful to both Eric and Erika’s parents for allowing us to share this special holiday with us.

We all felt that Copenhagen wasn’t anything special or unique. It’s specialness was that it allowed us to get to spend time with the people we love and the people they love.  Christmas Day was spent in the winter wonderland of Tivoli Gardens all decked out with fake snow and Christmas lights. 

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg would hands down be my favorite picturesque German town. With cars generally not allowed in the town, it is easy to imagine yourself in times gone by with half-timbered houses along cobblestoned lanes.  The town is surrounded by walls with gate houses that give an unique and beautiful views of the valleys surrounding. Even though we have been several times, we always find something new.  While walking the wall we could have been the only ones in the whole town as it was so peaceful and quiet.