Mama – We Love you – 1937-2016 – RIP

Not much for words right now. Mom passed 0055, 05AUG2016.

Mom’s obit in the Sunday paper.

and similar for the funeral home:

A post Michael put onto Instagram:

“Last night my grandmother passed away. I am so happy and thankful that I was able to see her yesterday. It broke my heart hearing about what was happening to her from my dad but when I was there with her yesterday she seemed perfectly normal. I still remember when I was little that I would go to the store with her to be her helper since she loved to shop, a few times she would take me to toy’s R us and I would spend tons of time looking at the Lego then sometimes getting a small transformer. She also made the best Christmas layout ever under and around the tree. There would be a white bottom made from the cushion stuffing-stuff for snow. She would then have houses to put on it to make an entire village. It was always the coolest thing to see, even at my age I still can’t get over how cool it looked. She was married to my grandfather for 54 years. Rest in peace grandma, you’re in a better place now. Love you. 1937-2016”


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  1. Nice Mark … and thanks for posting Michael’s post. Beautiful Michael …

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